Book Journey: The Time Traveler’s Wife

time travelers wife

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Fiction
Book Name: The Time Traveler’s Wife
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
Pages: 624
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Random House
Any special comment: Translated into a movie by the same name

How would you feel like when you meet yourself a little older? Or a younger one at that? Weird? Eerie? The older version being scared of changing your very own past. And the younger one excited to find out things from your very own future. That’s how the story is gonna progress. Also, think of a different angle, you gonna meet the love of your life when he/she was a kid. Wow? Or simply signs of pedophilia?

Through this sci-fi, a different take on the parallel prism of life, that’s what Audrey Niffenegger takes. I have just read one-third of this book and gosh, it’s gripping. The movie I had seen based on it, I had not found that much interesting with too much underlying assumptions. But then that goes with almost every literary creation. With novel, there is so much that you can imagine and correlate from one’s life, all ending with what if and knowing that even if we could go back, still you could not change it however much you wished. And how you feel left all alone at points in time with every other thing, every other person not knowing what is happening in your mind, of what is happening with you.

The process of selecting this book, oh that was not much. A colleague of mine suggested it and mentioned that she wants to read it. As simple as that. And I landed up with this book to take me in a different world away from the routine jobs.  

I can think of writing my own version of this book. If he would have met me before etc etc. That’s the extent I love this book.

Note: I finished reading this book now and I will still stick to what I wrote few days back before I even finished reading the novel.


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