Book Journey: Queen of Dreams


Genre: Romance, Sci-fi, Fiction
Book Name: Queen of Dreams
Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Pages: 320
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Dreams. The mind in its most relaxed stage still keeps on working sub-consciously and creates illusions or mirrors of reality (??) that we would not have necessarily assumed. So many books have been written about dreams, the notable being Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. However, Chitra Divakaruni takes a break and moves into the fictional realm of what dreams are all about. However weird it may seem, she mentions that you can even catch the glimpse of a dream of another person.

The story progresses around Rekha and her mother being the interpreter of dreams. This Indian family is settled in America and Rekha has her own reservations about India. There is love, there is compassion as well as there are heartbreaks. A complete vivid emotional story-line that you may simply want to be a part of. Especially with the caricature of India and within it imbibed the Bengali culture, Chitra pulls you into a dream world of your own and you would want to know the meaning of those.

What is the meaning of if I found myself being a superwoman, standing beside batman or spiderman etc etc? What is the meaning of if I saw an unknown place with people whom I think I know but their faces blurred? What is the meaning of if I simply saw myself with you doing daily chores? Or the other extreme scenario, what is the meaning of if I saw blood, lots of blood and me being killed? Are these the manifestations of what I have already experienced or the visions of a distressed mind? Or again, are these simply good for nothing dreams? Or again maybe, having deep underlying connotation?

As for the choice of this book, it was given to me by my manager. I never knew I could find a similar compassion for reading with her. We started chatting and found ourselves discussing another book of this writer Palace of Illusions, which was another exemplary literary creation. I still wonder how life is so many puzzles pieced together that have layers within layers. And this book Queen of Dreams takes you into a life of its own.

The first two-third part of this book is really good, engaging at that. However, the plot slackens a bit with the forceful intrusion (yes, I will use this term for I hated the change of tempo suddenly) of September 11 attacks and Rekha immersing herself in the moment as a feel-good factor. But still, I will conclude and say worth a read.


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