Book Journey: Cocktails for Three

cocktails for three

Genre: Fiction, Chick Lit
Book Name: Cocktails for Three
Author: Madeleine Wickham, ‘Sophie Kinsella’
Pages: 304
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Transworld

Every book has a life of its own and when that book can weave a reader back into its own story, to feel as if she is a part of this book and not merely a spectator. (I have used general reference as ‘she’ and not a ‘he’ not because this is a book written for females but because of my belief of why every generalization for a human being should not be a ‘he’) Coming back to the novel, it’s the story of three ladies, and the description below is what I felt about them:

Maggie: A contemporary representation of female psyche who has to decide between priorities of family (personal) and professional life. She cannot say that she is suffering and that she is going to accept defeat in her handling of her baby when she was a perfectionist in her career.

Roxanne: A real enough representation of how a female can behave when one falls truly hard in love for a guy, that she can go to any extent (but still within limits) to have him even for a short duration in her life. She can be happy simply in that illusion of his company.

Candice: A sweet goodie image of a female who wants to do all good stuff and when she feels that she can help a person, she can go to any extent. She is at times just happy to have an illusion of a perfect simple society where everyone is good to the letter.

And when you read this book Cocktails for Three, you feel as if it’s a single person’s story, just with different phases of her life, juggling between this persona to next. No no, I don’t mean split personality disorder, but this conflict which is present in everyone.

So in conclusion, it was a five-star for me, but for you, read it to decide!


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