Book Journey: The Incredible Banker


Genre: Fiction
Book Name: The Incredible Banker
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Pages: 308
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Rupa
Award: 2011 Economist Crossword Book Award
(Popular Vote)

Yet another book of Ravi Subramanian and in fact it’s touted as third in his banking series of books. However, since a month back only I had read the book The Bankster by him, the characters of this book seemed so familiar, especially Karan Panjabi, who is widely known for excellent work and a journalist in Times of India. Yes, Times of India can publish good articles too, oh, that wasn’t meant to be sarcasm. And the stories Ravi writes revolves around GB2 (Global Boston Global Bank), an MNC bank.

You can get a feel of the characters that you most probably meet in a bank. And I for one, am going to enter it soon. So now, you understand my fetish for Mr. Subramanian’s books. But then anyway he writes engaging novels and I started reading those ages ago. Yes, 6 years seems to be ages ago since so much has changed, globally and in India too. Financial crisis one after the other. A different RBI head in India. And the list goes on.  

But let’s not deviate from the contents of this book. It’s superbly written like the others. The pressing matters of Naxalites, their sympathizers and the people in urban supporting the movement is what keeps it going. Add to it, the backdrop of a big bank being involved in money laundering, and the transition of a professional relationship into a affair, love or otherwise and what better fodder can one need for a Bollywood movie. *Wink

Note: After reading two books of Ravi Subramanian, I had likened him to the John Grisham of banking profession and that’s before I even found out on internet that he is actually called such.

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