Book Journey: Hot Money

hot money

Genre: Mystery, Crime Thriller
Book Name: Hot Money
Author: Dick Francis
Pages: 423
Publication Year: 1987
Publisher: Fawcett Crest

What can be considered a better motive for murder? Money? Lots and lots? Or simply, a need? A need to get love? A frustration when you don’t get that from the one you love the most? OK. Let me not put spoilers here for this book “Hot Money” by Dick Francis.

A second-hand book bought for the sake of time pass during a travel emerged into something I couldn’t lay off for a minute before it ended. The story of a filthy rich guy with five marriages and lots of kids, each one with a side story of their own. The jealousy. The hatred. The passion. The love. And you have everything that you could want from a light reading book, a fiction one. Add to it, the horse racing part, which the author undoubtedly is very familiar with and so, it feels real, the adventure part, the excitement.

A gripping story from start to finish and a suspense thriller at that, when as the story progresses, you simply want to figure out with the facts laid out in front of you and try to guess. Who can be the killer? Will the multi-billionaire be finally able to survive? Or is he just going to succumb to the demands of his family and give away all his money?

So, can this be another movie under wraps? Who knows!


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