Book Journey: Many Lives, Many Masters


Genre: Non Fiction, Spirituality, Psychology
Book Name: Many Lives, Many Masters
Author: Dr Brian Weiss
Pages: 219
Publication Year: 1988
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

“Oh please, give me a break. Hypnosis leads to discovering reincarnation and past birth revelations. And most people I know are whom I knew even my previous birth or even before that or before before before that. I brought my karma forward to this life and that’s the reason I suffer and can’t get my love. And thus, that’s the reason probably psychiatrists are called shirk. And the list goes on and on.”

That’s how you feel when you start turning the first few pages of this book. If you are a non-believer in stuff beyond the realms of science, then this book is definitely for you. However, if you are ready to experiment, move beyond the clearly visible space, there is possibly more to this than meets the eyes. Don’t follow anything blindly, neither reject it out rightly, but just take everything with a pinch of salt. The people as you see behave, may have a deeper underlying meaning, that could be hidden from their own conscious mind, the prism as you may say.

Read this book Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss to realise your own potential to overcome scepticism in various facets of your life.


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