Book Journey: Asura Tale of the Vanquished


Genre: Mythology, Historical Fiction
Book Name: Asura Tale of the Vanquished
Author: Anand Neelakantan
Pages: 500
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Every coin has two sides and the side I choose is the one I am going to consider being truthful. Similarly, every story or say, even every war, however wrong it may be from the other side’s perspective, the one who has started or ended considers itself righteous enough to go ahead. So, in the end this all boils down to who is able to tell his or her part of the story to the masses and how many are going to buy that part of story in the first place or even second place.

Asura Tale of the Vanquished is a retelling of the famous Indian epic, Ramayana, from Ravana’s point of view and that’s what makes it interesting. Neelakantan fabricates his book so perfectly around Ramayana that you wish to believe, “yes, that’s how Ravana must have felt, this is the extent of pain various Asuras would have gone through and Ravana, he was not all that bad and neither was Rama so righteous”. Mythology is currently considered an in-thing for the Indian authors, but this one just strikes the right chord. Fluent and simple, an enthralling journey which you may want to read again just to confirm if that was how the Ramayana was supposed to be.

So, have I piqued your interest enough? Ok, a teaser for this book – “Who was Sita? Daughter of Ravana?

Score: 10/10


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