In the search of

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantWhat is it? Who goes there?
I am searching. Willing to find me.
Hey, raise the alarms. Pull the trigger.
And just shoot. Point blank shoot. Halt!

Oh no, oh not
Couldn’t rightly say
Let me find my own way
‘ave to find me, ‘ave to find him and ‘ave to figure out us

I know it’s a long shot
You need to find him in this breath of frost
Did you see where he went?
Can you see where you’re going?

Oh, couldn’t say for sure
One way or the other, it’s still a lot
Could be he went this way
Could be he went another way

Now, what would you do?
How would you choose?
Think. Think. Think.

Take a shot. Use my brain.
Look over there.
Let me see where this river leads.

Oh stop stop stop
Stop please stop
This was not how it was going to be
I was supposed to reach a shore
Not go down like a baited fish

You are still not too tired.
Get a move on.
You heard him move.
Move. Move. Move.

(whispers) In here. Just lie here.
Shhh. I am finally rested at home
With nothing anymore to worry about.
(whispers) In here. Just lie here.

Could be
Couldn’t say for sure
Oh this could be it
Though I couldn’t still say for sure.

<white noise>


About Alka

Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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