I don’t know yet how to address you
But let me describe the moment that just passed
For I am still high on you.


As you looked into my eyes, I tried holding your gaze to believe it was real
A myriad thoughts crossing my mind, I had a difficult time, dear
Though I shivered and my eyes wavered, I was ready to steal a glance
But as I saw you out of the corner of my eyes, you were still looking at me with that same expression intense

The day passed and I could see your name flash in front of me
The name I had never heard before and thought of it as rarest of rare
What was it I was going through, a relapse into my younger self
Oh, I was gearing towards yet another mills and boons tale with a twist of my own make

I was scared but burning inside like fire on a windy day
Baby, is it hell I was sentencing myself to
Or is it simply my quest for finding my happiness
Tell me if I was wrong for thinking about myself

Though I know things have changed, for better or worse
Please help me figuring out for I am going crazier by the day
Whatever it is, however things are happening
But my fairytale had long vanished behind those dark scary clouds.



Note: According to me, life is a melodrama. And if my writing does not depict that, what’s the use of thinking so much all the time!?! And as one said, what’s the use of me being called a case of ‘lost and found’ by others? 🙂


About Alka

Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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