Book Journey: Flight of the Flamingo

Flight of the Flamingo

Genre: Inspiration, Women
Book Name: Flight of the Flamingo
Author: Sangeeta Mall
Pages: 299
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Westland Ltd

Enter any bookstore, check fiction section by Indian authors, and you will be bombarded by shelves and shelves of books about boy – girl meet each other, fall in love, a little deception ‘dhokha’ and most times, everything in the end falling into place. So, is that the genre that interests you? If yes, then please stop reading this book review now and here and never purchase this book ever. If no, then my dear you still have some literary spark left in you. However, for the people who said yes, there are books I am gonna find good enough and review them but later on.

The book Flight of the Flamingo beautifully captures our publishing industry and how most of the books being published are in a nutshell, crap. However, this book by Sangeeta Mall can take a reader by storm, by including real dilemmas of Indian urban women who choose to have a life they can be proud of. Very engaging, but an easy read, and you are hooked on with the characters trying to bring their life back on track while simultaneously trying to get their book ‘Dangerous’ published, which again is like a story onto itself. So what can be the dilemmas – trying to lead personal and professional life separate, finding even one single person trustworthy, finding that one key thing/person who can be the fulcrum of their happiness, and the list goes on and on.

A must read, especially for feminists!

Score: 8/10


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