Real Unreal (version 2)

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantThe music played on
The champagne followed
The conversations punctuated by soft laughter
And the evening progressed to its logical starter

This is the song for the happy times
Sets the mood for the melee, one day fine
So many things to tell, such short time
While life unravelled itself to its usual rhyme

She sought revenge for so much he had hurt her
But the pain that consumed her was dragging her back
As the story unfolded, she couldn’t take it any longer
And the war she had raged against herself retaliated within her

Was the story a figment of her imagination to hurt him
Or was it a sour truth she had to face daily for the rest of her life
The pain seared through her on hearing his low voice
And she tried to repair everything back with the flip of a coin

She wasn’t a cheap floozy
But a woman driven by passion
And her imagination high with emotions
But she was going to make everything close to perfect

And so the music played on
The dining drew towards an end
The conversations floated on the edge of punctuation
And then the night progressed to its logical starter

Or such, she continued to hope.



Note: It’s really wonderful how a change of few words here and there changes the context as well as tempo of the same poem.


About Alka

Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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