The jumble, the crash and the only solution

The jumble, crash and the only solutionAs I was on my way to home
I saw the morning galore
The sun rising from the east
Made everything around a breathtaking mist

I couldn’t take a chance then
How had you expected me to
You didn’t even take a small step
And now, it’s deja vu all over again
But this time u tipped the glass in god knows whose favor

You made me start living without you
It hurt a lot in the start but the pain dimmed by the day
And knowing you, I realized
You and I were never supposed to be

Let’s kiss and make up
That was your mantra every single time
But forget that you did
The silly things added up and addled my mind to number state

There are gaps I can’t fill every time you decide on a field trip
One moment is gonna come soon when everything will be too much
You said you wanted to be alone, only meaning away from me
Go go go, this time is the last you will ever hear of me

And there and then
My dream just turned into a dark reality
Though the clouds still cast a beautiful shadow
My home was lost finally to the rains



Note: I know this was not how this (poem) was meant to be. But it turned out exactly how everyone else had wanted to.


About Alka

Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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