Book Journey: The Orange Hangover


Genre: Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Book Name: The Orange Hangover
Author: Rahul Saini
Pages: 244
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Albeit too late, but here’s a book review for the light-readers:

The Orange Hangover, the name seems interesting enough and it has a meaning too and explained in detail in the book. (Read the book to find that out). A perfect on-the-journey read with all the drama and spices of the Bollywood put together. Rahul Saini puts forth the plot fast-paced where something or the other keeps on happening page after the page and the readers are hooked on to the tale. Go ahead and experience the journey of Rishabh where he transforms himself from a usual guy who doesn’t like his job and (spoilers ahead) finally ends up doing something worthwhile for the society and in the process, finds job satisfaction and also, a girlfriend too!

Moral of the story – Go and find what and where your passion lies, and may be you will end up having everything you had desired “unconsciously”. But at least, you will not relent for it was not for the lack of a try.

Score: 7/10


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