We all know someone who swears or makes promises at the drop of a hat, for example I swear I did not know this.
Let’s analyze what can be the meaning behind this.

Case 1: The swearing was a lie, a façade to deceive others. Or maybe even a simple try to make oneself believe that the fact being stated is true while each element in the trail was a lie all along, like the old wives’ tales*. The former scenario is incorrigible; let how much will the other person make an effort, there will still remain traces of a lifelong pack of lies. In the second scenario, probably something can be done – through talks, through psychology, making him/her understand that you will only be tangled in it and let others be destroyed in the process. But then second scenario only happens when the person does thing sub-consciously and he/she can be given the benefit of a doubt.

Case 2: The implication of making others believe that the fact being stated during swearing was true and rest all ever said were all fabricated statements. Because some people really do swear truly, because they are swearing by the name of the person they love the most.

So next time, when someone does swear, decide which scenario will keep “you” happy, because thinking of any other person forever does not matter when it makes you sad always. Or convince them to not swear in front of you because then you will be free to make assumptions because what is truth other than a belief/trust in the other person.

*When one says/reads/hears a thing over and over again, one starts believing that to be true, examples being one achieving success after reading books of wisdom which boosts their confidence or of one believing in love when all that was infatuation from the start.


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Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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