Yet another sham – Part 1

Post: EtherealJinxed Sham Marriage | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrant

The story revolves around main 3 characters. I will introduce others as they appear in the scene. This is a love-cum-hate story of Shailesh, Ayesha and Alka.

Version 1

Shailesh told Ayesha of an international trip he was going to with his office colleagues. This was a holiday trip combined with his official trip. He told her each and every single detail of the planned trip missing not a single person except one. But let’s come to that part later.
Shailesh sent Ayesha the facebook profile links of every person for her approval, and she said ok. He came back a week later tired. And his unusual not-able-to-find-time still didn’t make Ayesha suspicious. And then later she found out by herself that Shailesh had missed to mention his-so-called-friend Alka who was also on the same trip. Shailesh knew that Ayesha knows that there is nothing between Alka and him. But still Ayesha filed for divorce.
Whose fault was that? Who dumped whom? Was it all Ayesha’s for she couldn’t find in her to trust him (probably nothing had happened in real)? With the way Shailesh conveyed the analogy to the lawyer that nothing had happened, it seemed Ayesha was set for a long haul ahead.

Version 2

Coming soon …


About Alka

Trying to just make some sense out of things and put some sense into me!! :) :) :)

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