Book Journey: Mad Money Journey

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | Mad Money Journey : A Financial Adventure by Mehrab Irani

Genre: Business Fiction
Book Name: Mad Money Journey
A Financial Adventure
Author: Mehrab Irani
Pages: 260
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

The book by Mehrab Irani is a well documented book on financial planning, particularly making us learn about the financial world with innumerable available options and instruments. It describes the value of money and how to deal with the money, how the investments are to be made very lucidly without causing any irritation by giving real life situations through beautiful stories and happenings. Mehtab binds and involves the reader throughout the book till the end.

The book starts with lives of two boys, one being one of the intelligent students and other being tenth fail. But after things take a turn, the latter becomes a successful doctor yet unsatisfied in his life and the first becomes a very rich man, who has understood the funda of life. Writer has beautifully quoted that “If you buy the things which you don’t require, very soon you will have to sell the things that you require.”

Just as everything requires discipline and rules to survive and succeed, money is no exception to this. Excess money can be as much of a problem as its scarcity. True financial independence comes not with money, but with knowledge of the financial commandments and wisdom emanating from it. And in this money world, the most important thing is to follow these commandments and their wisdom to enhance our wealth and then, bequeath is to next generation and give to charity. He has advised to never work for money, instead make money work for you. A great thing has been suggested that that only if one is true to oneself and able to respect and protect one’s family, will one be able to protect and grow his money. To double net worth, first one has to double his self worth. He has further advised that good money should not be thrown after bad money as money lost is money gone. Whether dealing with life or money, follow a plan and pursue it with moral courage, love and dedication. And for being successful in life or money making, one has to be always positive.

Travelling round the world, meeting interesting personalities, one finds money advice in the least expected way, be it about insurance, budgeting, speculative investments or financial leverage. The book succeeds in imparting these lessons in a simple way understandable to a non-financial person, like me.

Rating: 8/10


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