Book Journey: Ford County Stories

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | Ford County Stories by John Grisham

Genre: Short Story, Mystery
Book Name: Ford County Stories
Author: John Grisham
Pages: 344
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Arrow Books

Disclaimer: To clarify, I have really high expectations from John Grisham books and my reviews on his books might be biased towards or against him. And this book fell short of that!

Ford County Stories is a compilation of seven fast-paced short stories, though unrelated but portraying life’s analogies. Reading parts of the book reminds one of the tales from hearsay, not necessarily from our direct involvement but even of acquaintances or strangers who we are never going to meet. Not exactly of the genre of John Grisham’s usual writings, the story still captures an angle of legal work but with human interactions involved. As the different characters go through their own emotional turmoil or the excitement, you can feel the mood lift up and sink down with them. Even though the story is in the setting of a faraway town, you realize that people and situations around are exactly like that in real life, sometimes crude, sometimes heartbreaking, and at times illusionary.

But yes, I am not much of short stories reader; I prefer knowing background in more details so that I can create the movie scene of the book in my mind. However, keeping in mind the short attention span of people these days, this book is a great one to go through when you can take a 20 minutes break from your usual schedule.

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Master thriller writer and worldwide number one bestseller John Grisham takes you into the heart of America’s Deep South with a collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County: a place of harsh beauty where broken dreams and final wishes converge.

A mercy mission that is hilariously sidetracked by human weakness; a manipulative death row inmate with one last plea; a small town divorce attorney who suddenly hits pay dirt; a man who sets out to break a casino to revenge a broken heart; a kidnapped lawyer who is confronted with one of his previous cases at gun point; a conman who preys on the rich and elderly; the boy dying of AIDS who finds mercy across the tracks in downtown Clanton: the sum total of human life is brilliantly captured in Grisham’s unique evocation of lives lived and lost in Mississippi.

Frequently moving, often hilarious, and always entertaining, Ford County brims with the same page-turning quality and irresistible narrative of his previous bestsellers, and is proof once more why John Grisham is our most popular storyteller.

About the author:
A lawyer by profession and an author by fame, John Grisham is the brilliant American writer of numerous novels best known for his legal thrillers. His books have been translated into 40 languages and published worldwide.

Average reading time of book = 4 hours for an average reader.

Rating: 7/10


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