Book Journey: The Silent Scream

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | The Silent Scream by Siddhartha Garg

Genre: Social Issue
Book Name: The Silent Scream
Author: Siddhartha Garg
Pages: 156
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Rumour Books India

Candle light marches for Nirbhaya gave an indication that the India we are living in is ready to fight back and change the mentality. But is that enough? How will the survivors among us, who told no one about their pain, but are just frustrated at themselves, live their life normally? I personally know someone who had a past and had difficulty coming to terms with that, even telling her boyfriend was a big struggle.

Siddhartha Garg’s book starts with narrating the gruesome tale of a 6-year old kid and whose perpetrator no one could expect till the very end. Similar such horrid real-life instances are mentioned with the offender from various stratas of life. And then the author mentions the way to get over the instance, even if that means talking out with counselor. The major point noted and stressed on throughout the book is to never ignore the change in behavior of a kid and understand if one is especially scared to spend time with a specific person. Also, that the culprit could have exploited the person either physically, mentally or both, but neither can be classified as a lesser crime than the other.

The book is not only for survivors but also has list of Do’s and Don’ts for parents and people who know these people. The book is also for adults making a child understand the different types of touch disregarding the fact that he/she can be considered too young for others to take advantage of. The author has done his research well and mentions the lists of NGOs also at the end of the book who are working in this arena.

However, the book could have been improved on, with grammatical and spelling errors avoided with better and crisper editing. This is where I believe the book missed out on, even though conveying the message in an informative way.

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Child abuse, one of the many problems that persist in India today, is arguably the filthiest. Of late, we have heard of instances of children being exploited but the most gruesome abuse is child sex abuse. The Silent Scream takes up this issue which people normally turn a blind eye towards. Through the subtlety quoted instances mentioned in this narrative non-fiction we are exposed to the disturbing lives of child predators and their innocent, young unassuming victims.

The Silent Scream is a ready guide to create awareness about this rampantly growing evil with the aim of sensitising the general public on the ways in which sex abusers operate. A humble effort is also being made to counsel the victims and carry forward the war against this menace so that other innocent souls are saved.

About the author:
Siddhartha Garg is a techie by profession, a woman and child rights activist by passion and an active blogger. After having published his first book, In Love With Your Friendship, a story of love and friendship and its complications, he now intends to focus on issue-based writing to sensitise the nation on the various problems that plague our society. He believes his writing would be a very potent weapon in his fight against social ills. In this book, he talks about child sexual abuse, one of the filthiest crimes that persist within our society.

The Silent Scream targets teenagers, the youth, parents and all the child abuse survivors and acts like a handbook/guidebook to them providing solutions and measures to deal with the hideous crime along with some preventive measures.

Rating: 8.5/10


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