Book Review: Azzy by Mobi D’Ark

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | Azzy by Mobi D'Ark

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sex
Book Name: Azzy
Series: The six wives of Mobi D’Ark (Book 1)
Author: Mobi D’Ark
Pages: 565
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Martin Andrew Bower

Just two words for this book. Too lengthy.

This is a book for a specific genre, not many will otherwise be able to wrap their heads around such an elaborate and descriptive book. The book is littered with adventures, drama, and violence. At times you start getting the hang out of the book, but many times it seems to get repetitive and you flounder. This definitely needs many book-sittings to complete. Oh yes, but I did complete. Don’t ask how!

Let’s come to the good points of this book. The cultures of Nigeria and the volatile violence hit environment in post-colonial area by the natives and the outsiders seem to be well-researched. The characters are sketched in detail from the start and they even develop over time. The behavioral pattern of the same person in different scenarios like putting a mask over their actual persona being hidden by the so-called projected charm is also depicted in many parts of this book. The dialogues/ conversation make it an easy page-turner.

You may give this a read, but try reading the few extracts that are available at author’s blog to understand whether you are really up for this!

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Azzy is the first of six novels in a series dedicated to The six wives of Mobi D’Ark. The novels are based on the life and times of a heavy drinking, much wedded and much-travelled English adventurer, who caroused and debauched his way across four continents, making and losing several fortunes along the way. Mobi married his first wife in 1970, and his last wife, forty-four years later, in 2014.

In this, the first novel of the series, it is 1969 and the young adventurer flees from his new life in North America and decides to take a job working for the oil industry in West Africa. It is a time when Nigeria was still adjusting to its post-colonial era and is in the throes of a bloody civil war.

Nigeria is Mobi’s home for the next two and half years and this is where he belatedly experiences his sexual awakening and has many erotic adventures, before – and after – meeting the sensuous, hot-blooded, volatile Azzy, a gorgeous young black girl from the bars of Lagos.

They set up home in the war-ravaged, ‘wild west’ town of Port Harcourt. During the next two ears, the couple have a stormy relationship which leads to many hair-raising adventures, and unexpected consequences.

Azzy is a tale of whimsy, sex, drama, violence, black magic and cliff-hanging adventures. Mobi’s sexual awakening, his brushes with African Juju and his skirmishes with the out of control military are all graphically described in a tale which the reader will find hard to put down.

About the author:
Mobi D’Ark was born in Hampshire, England in 1946. He trained as an accountant and travelled the world extensively as a senior financial manager in the Oil, Insurance and Entertainment industries.

Mobi writes a weekly blog (, in which he relates stories about his life as well as articles on current affairs – many of them Thai related. He draws on his wide-ranging experiences as source material for his writing and is currently working on the second novel in his six book series, “The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark.”

Rating: 6/10

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  1. Dear Ethereal Jinxed,

    Many thanks for reviewing my book. It is much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Martin Bower (Mobi D’Ark)


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