Book Review: The Quest for Integrity by Jaswinder

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | The Quest for Integrity by Jaswinder

Genre: Political, Office Ethics
Book Name: The Quest for Integrity
Author: Jaswinder Singh
Pages: 355
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent
Publishing Platform

Straight-forward story on ethics and vices within the Indian banking industry, this book by Jaswinder casts focus on the deeper menace that may be there in any expanding business during current times. The struggle of ethical people vis-a-vis power hungry and corrupted people and the triumph of the former against the latter is depicted as the story intensifies.

However, “The Quest for Integrity” makes me question whether there are really so many good selfless people, trying to do things at any cost – be it own self, family, friends or career? The book takes an editorial approach on how things should finally be and how we all want it to be perfect but never put an effort for that sake. It seems to be more suited to be a part of the curriculum for the topic ‘good wins over evil, however hard the evil may try!’

I wished the characters could have been developed better – in gray and not simply in black and white. Like there were some always in black and some in flashy bright God light who were beyond any Satan’s touch!

Still, an interesting debut novel with a philosophical angle that will make one question the ‘taken-for-granted approach’ (chalta hai attitude) in life.

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Set in a teaming commercial hub in provincial India, The Quest for Integrity takes philosophical fiction to the cross section between banking and politics, a vicious environment where ambitious rivals use deceit and manipulation as their route to success.

When Purushottam Gill arrives in Amlawar to clean up the local branch of the Bank of the Nation, he soon discovers that his opponent is not just one crooked coworker. Rather, the problem he faces is systemic – and this culture of corruption pervades every level of Indian society.

As Purushottam takes on a cabal of trade union officials, politicians, and senior bank officers in a valiant attempt to improve the branch’s performance and raise employee morale, this gripping novel of ideas illuminates the devastating effects of accepting vice as a virtue of powerful.

Full of revolutionary ideas, The Quest for Integrity seeks to challenge the status quo of everyday society.

About the author:
Jaswinder holds a master’s degree in mass communication and journalism, and currently lives in Canada.

Having worked in senior management of a bank in India for over eighteen years, Jaswinder had the opportunity to interact with different sections of people all over India and abroad and was deeply affected by victims of misrepresentations, lying, faking, and cheating everywhere.

Jaswinder sees it as a disease of human society that dishonesty is accepted as a necessary value for living comfortably. This novel expresses the strong view that we must stop considering corruption as a value and recognize that through it, we are only torturing each other.

Rating: 8/10

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