Book Review: Dead Money Run by J. Frank James

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | Dead Money Run by J. Frank James

Genre: Crime Fiction
Book Name: Dead Money Run
Series: Lou Malloy Crime Series, #1
Author: J. Frank James
Pages: 278
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: London Wall

Dead Money Run reminded me of those days when as a kid I discovered Nancy Drew, then later Agatha Christie and then Sherlock Holmes. This book reminded me of the pleasure it feels when you have got your hands on a series book; you get hooked to such extent that you do not need to look any further to discover yet another book and keep on waiting for the next.

However. the cover pic could have been better designed, since it was one of the most off-putting factors due to which I delayed reading this book.

Mr. James has cast a winner here with character Lou, who does not bat an eyelid before killing someone whom he thinks harmed his closed ones or could bring potential harm to him or his closed ones. Fast paced, action packed, thriller on the run and romance in between with short punctuated chapters, the story progresses in the perfect manner. With the new characters being introduced one after the next, the main leads never lose out on the pointedness. Excellent writing!

Hey, but the story is yet incomplete. Eagerly waiting to find out what happen’s next in the sequel – “Only Two Cats”.

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Lou Malloy meets a young and beautiful PI, Hilary Kelly, and together they fight to keep their freedom and $15 million in Mob money as Malloy and Kelly race to protect what he earned the hard way and find the people responsible for his sister’s death.

About the author:
J. Frank James is the author of crime thriller novels. His crime fiction books are gripping and suspenseful with readers being unable to put them down once they get into them. Jim has a passion for writing, and he certainly has the knowledge and experience to write realistic crime thriller novels, thanks to his extensive background in law. At present, Jim has published four crime thriller novels.

Facebook page:

Rating: 9/10

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