Book Review: A Howl for Mayflower by Dan Gilmore

EtherealJinxed|Book Review | A Howl for Mayflower by Dan Gilmore

Genre: Fiction
Book Name: A Howl for Mayflower
Author: Dan Gilmore
Pages: 217
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: Imago Press

The story is set with an odd mix of characters and explores human psychology on how possibly humans act and think, i.e., how it is perfectly fine to do a specific activity any way you want. What started as a slow moving book for me (except the first chapter which had a downright funny situation of an impromptu dance between a half-naked middle-aged man and an old lady having Alzheimer in the laundry room), later endeared me to such an extent that I read it slowly so as to ponder and relish the eccentric characters and romanticized descriptions. And this became my daily reading book for many days (before calling off the day).

One feels for the characters and their suffering, at the same time wanting to just set it how we consider correct. However, nothing is 100% correct and Dan Gilmore explores the moving ahead part in life suitably well. The laughter, sadness, jealousy, passion, selfishness and the unsavory moments of old, middle age and young people alike makes the book a complete package and thought-provoking.

Recommended for literature lovers and library readers from fiction category!

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Aging widower Tobias Seltzer prefers to spend his time with dead authors rather than live, but flawed, humans. That is, until the night Mayflower Bryant corners him in the basement laundry of the Coronado and persuades him to dance with her in his skivvies. Almost against his will, Tobias is drawn into the lives of his misfit neighbors – a grieving widower, a pregnant, homeless teenager, a one-handed juggler, a Vietnam vet left brain-damaged by a misfired suicide attempt, a woman on the edge of Alzheimer’s – and discovers that all problems can’t be solved by reading books. Sometimes, the only solution is life itself. Dan Gilmore’s debut novel takes a darkly humorous, painfully honest look at this last-minute journey toward love and self-discovery.

About the author:
Dan Gilmore, in his time, has been a fry cook, a jazz musician, a draft dodger, a soldeir, a single parent of Jennifer and Danny, a college professor, a dean, and a consultant to business. A Howl for Mayflower is his first novel. As a poet and writer, he has received awards from Sandscript, the Raymond Carver Fiction Contest, and the Martindale Fiction Contest. Currently, he lives in Tucson and divides his time between playing jazz, writing, and loving his two grandchildren, Quin and Graeson, his partner, JoAn, and his cat, Kitty.

Rating: 8/10

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