Review: Karadi Tales: The Lizard’s Tail

EtherealJinxed | Book Review | The Lizard's Tail by Karadi TalesScqealichtitz! And there went the little lizard’s tail! Poor little lizard. He now needs a new tail. Join him as he goes about looking for a new tail so that he can get a brand new look for himself, only to finally discover a lizard home-truth. Brilliant palette knife art by German Illustrator, Christine Kastl elevates the experience of this folklore retold by Shobha Viswanath.

A children’s book, The Lizard’s Tail is an educational book for ages 3 and above with simple words and an amazing art to illustrate the story behind. It was a simple delight to read this book and so easy to relate with different animals – lizard, squirrel, cow, dog, cat and elephant with their characteristic tails. The drawings were easy and relatable in Indian context, especially the Ganesha on the table, the barking street dogs and the Indian temple elephant. In fact, I told this story to my colleague’s daughter today in slightly-modified words and she loved the narrative and graphics.

This book was published for the first time in 2008, is of 28 pages and the price is just Rs.175. Highly recommended for the parents to buy for their kids. Audio books are also available with voice-over by Vidya Balan and costs Rs.245. This book was listed in “100 Children’s Books We Love,” a compilation of the best children’s books from India.

About Publisher:
Karadi Tales is in its 20th year of publishing fabulous award winning books for children. Many of our titles have been published internationally and we wish to expand our reach so that we can enrich the lives of many more young children. Visit for more information.


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