Book Review: The Devil’s Picturebook by Arabella Seymour

EtherealJinxed | Book Review | The Devil's Picturebook by Arabella Seymour

Genre: Family, Friendship
Book Name: The Devil’s Picturebook
Author: Arabella Seymour
Pages: 366
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Peach Publishing

What happens when there is everything you may want to read on – politics, war, history, love, treachery, friendship and murder or as the author Arabella Seymour thinks, this book happens. Written in an easy to read language, it is a book to rest with after office hours.

The book does not waste too much time in going into character sketches of other than the four friends and a war villain and keeps it simple so that the reader is not confused. While reading the book, you may wish to have a get-together with your old school/ college buddies at an exotic place with not so dramatic touch, of course. At least, I have already thought of one already!

However, the start was a little too detailed with introduction of too many characters. You may ignore the irrelevant ones to get the hang of this book. The story was a little predictable but all in all a good-to-go book.

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Four friends, a reunion twenty years on, with fame, troubled marriages, political corruption and murder on the menu , played out against the backdrop of a tranquil country house health spa with a troubled, violent past…


Four women, friends from their school days, have grown apart with distance and time, until one of them puts in motion an ambitious plan for a reunion – at a country house health spa which – unknown to any of them – has a history of murder, intrigue and bad luck all it’s own. There is Rhiannon, determined to find out who her real parents were; Alexa, desperate for time to herself away from her controlling husband; Alice, whose husband treats her with contempt; and tragic Sunny, whose promising new life has suddenly come crashing down in ruins when she discovers she has a terminal illness. Across their path comes Andrea, the unhappy and neglected wife of ex SAS officer Roddy DeVille, tipped for New Year Honours glory, desperate to regain her fading beauty and his love along with it. The women meet without realising that this reunion will change each of their lives in ways none of them could possibly have imagined.

About the author:
Arabella Seymour, born and educated in London, had her first novel published in her teens and later worked in London libraries before moving to Canterbury, Kent and turning to writing full time. After having three novels published, Arabella went to work in Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland and followed this by joining a housekeeping agency that took her to many fascinating assignments all over the country. She later returned to Canterbury where, between 2008 and 2012, she was a member of a local re-enactment society. Arabella has a particular passion for family history and has contributed a short biography of her great-grandfather, Liberal Politian John Henry Bethell, to a local history project. Arabella lives in Canterbury, whose cathedral saw the marriage of her Huguenot ancestors during the reign of Charles II.

Rating: 8/10



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