Book Review: Dearth of a Nation by Garman Lord

EtherealJinxed | Book Review | Dearth of a Nation by Garman Lord

Genre: Political Satire, Mystery, Crime
Book Name: Dearth of a Nation
Commando Series #5
Author: Garman Lord
Pages: 169
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Hamilton State Press

Dearth of a Nation is not a book for all, only for those who can digest political satire. Few characters would seem familiar from 2016 Presidential elections, e.g. Darnitol Drumpfke (aka Donald Trump). The characteristics are amusing, to say the least. In the backdrop of political environment is the story built to cast a political murder tale by teens and detective agencies.

Since this is satire, to make sense of everything that is said (written) becomes a little difficult and tedious. Since this was my first book on Commando series, maybe I have missed out on some nuances where the teens are too much intellectual with even government agencies bowing down to them.

However, too much dialogue (book is 90% dialogues) and over-confidence characters kills the fun! This reminds me of the recent book (play) by JK Rowling where expectations were set too high.
(P.S: A better marketing of this book and author is required since not much information is available on the internet).

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
Imagine, if you will, the most troubled presidential election that America has ever seen, with our dauntless crew who call themselves the “Commandos” plunged willy-nilly into the thick of it all! It all begins when a hometown boy mounts his run for the White House in his upstate NY hometown of Woodruff, in a three way race for the presidency fraught with many a dark and dangerous secret… Only to be cut down in publico by the fiery finger of God, or so it seems to many. But was it that, then, or merely an unspeakably diabolical human crime, the crime of the millennium? Everybody wants answers; no one more so than Precocious Consulting Detective Geoffrey Knight, who is soon persuaded that he and his friends have no choice but to step in and seek their own answers in their own way.

This fifth book of the Commando series is truly different, in seeking, as it does, to tell a new kind of story; to invent its own new genre along the way. It is, as usual, a crime/suspense thriller with a plot boasting more twists than a snake’s tail. It is also something very different, as leisure time reading goes; a serious crime mystery operating in a political world of outrageous farce. How does that work? Well, it’s complicated; easier, perhaps, to just read the book…

About the author:
Garman Lord is a retired New York State Cartographer who has since fulfilled a lifelong dream by taking up a second career as a novelist. He is an artist, poet, mystic, the founder of Theodish Belief, and author of “The Way of the Heathen, A Handbook of Greater Theodism,” and the novel “Right Here Right Now,” a Magical Realism tale of the return of the Goddess to Middle Earth. He has written several books including 5 books of Commando series.


Rating: 8/10

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