Books are like Relationships

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After a long time, I am writing an article which is not book reviews or poems. It so happened that since many days, I was simply penning down the topics on what to write. And that’s when it struck when I joined the Facebook group – Senior Reading Raccoons that “Books are like relationships” or is it the other way around? If you nurture them, it will grow on you or else it will simply sit in a forgotten corner of your house. Likewise, same person cannot be a good friend or the ideal match for you. All books don’t reach out to everyone, there’s a particular genre, theme, or the way it’s written catering to each segment.

And since someone told me that it’s easy to read any blog/article if it’s in a list format, so here it is, my fellow book readers…

1. Evergreen books are like close relationships. You keep on reading them again and again and even when you don’t read for years, the story still lingers. So many books will fall in this category by the likes of Jane Austen, Khalid Hosseini etc. Close relationships (family, friendships) are similar in nature. Even if you are not in regular contact, but you can still count them any time. E.g. “best” school friends – all of us have at least one in our childhood.

2. Sour books were your favorite ones at one point in time, but now that’s not the genre you ever want to identify with. For me, it’s the silly romantic ones. Eeeuuu! Relationships which were the best when you were courting/dating, but now you don’t even want to think about those since they bring up bad memories. Ok, so this category books are only an individual’s discretion and personal choice. E.g. even so called cheap books sold at railways stations are a hit with people at one point in time!!

3. Bad books are like they are best left in between because you would have found better books and more time to invest in quality content that you prefer. Say, you make a friend and then you find bad traits about him/her, e.g. smoking, too much possessiveness (hey, just for example sake), then it’s better to say goodbye. Not worth more time than you have already wasted.

4. Do not indulge books are which should never have been picked up in the first place. Like the most popular genre, it’s a waste of time, brain power, etc. E.g. Books by the newbie authors these days (written on similar topics and published by one or the other publishing house every day). Hey, I am too planning to write one some day, so does every ardent book reader!. Nothing wrong in that. But the quality of editing should at least be good, right? Grammar Nazis! Same for the relationships. In fact, it would be shameful to admit that you were associated with these people.

5. Good “hello” books are like your favorite ones on-the-go. You read them once in a while and feel happy that you have again read them. E.g. I read Nancy Drew after 15+ years. Similar comparison with your office colleagues who have now changed organisations and are in contact once in a while to simply stay updated.

6. Wishlist books (TBR, to-be-read) are those you want to read desperately but with current commitment, not able to. Mind it, this is a huge list. Future (or not) relationships with the one you started ‘liking’ (love-at-first-sight, yes, there are still people who believe in that), but may become part of your life. You may or may not like them, but these will remain at the back of your mind – in “your dreams”, perhaps!

7. Show-off books are like stickers which you put in your book shelf to impress but never read it. Oh yes, but you do read the book reviews/feedbacks just in case, you know someone inquires. You may ask, why? Because, books are a sign of intellect, so why not! Just kidding. But people do this. Likewise, people hold on to some artificial relationships like that with (only for example’s sake) rich, influential or pretty ones to get some gains.

And the list goes on.

Thanks for reading this long post. In case, you can think of any category, do let me know in the comments below!


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