Smoking and alcohol is injurious to health but will your kid understand?

How do you expose your kid(s) to smoking and alcohol?

Oops. Telling our kid(s) that something is taboo, I am sure would not work in today’s scenario. There has to be a (healthy) discussion around that. Considering yourself uncomfortable? But that’s parenthood. One has to tackle all such things, and books certainly help in putting a point across. And someone very wise once told me that he takes out his sister for drinking so that she can enjoy herself to the full. And why not? Normalising anything is very important. Be it sex, girl-boy difference or anything as such. But let me delegate all such things to future posts.

My son is too small to understand all this, but I am just writing all these points, basically whatever comes to my mind while I interact with other moms, for my own future reference. So what strategy you are going to take when your kid asks you? A total NO for smoking and alcohol? Or, a healthy discussion?

P.S. I forgot to mention in my last post that whenever my son is in the mood while feeding, there is the sweetest song he sings. Yes, singing and drinking together, which makes me forget everything and everyone else, literally and figuratively. Tell me, isn’t that a true unadulterated love? Oh, I am not the lovey-dovey mom always, but yes, most times! And here, I go, making my P.S., which is a mere note, longer than my original post. 🙊 So, bye until we meet next on some other topic!👋

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