Book Review: I See You by Clare Mackintosh

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I will start the review with just one word – scary. Or will creepy be better?

It was just a chance (good?) that Zoe found her face staring from a newspaper. But tell me how would you have reacted if you saw your own face staring from newspaper in the column for sex workers and a contact number with the ever increasing paranoia that someone is following you all the time. As for the other females whose faces appear the other days, one is mugged, few others murdered and rest unknown. An urban female worst nightmare! If I had not been hard wired by now after reading so many psycho-thrillers back to back, I know for sure that I would have been having nightmares for days at a stretch and that too scared even after that whenever I would be traveling on my own. What a brilliant brilliant setup and story-line, though the ending could have been slight better!! The tempo the book builds is like, if you are a GoT (Game of Thrones) fan, exactly the same as the last episode S8E3 (season 8, episode 3). No no, do no leave my blog post right now, I am not giving away any spoilers, please do not worry on that front, but I cannot stop talking about it since I saw it last midnight (because my son slept pretty late yesterday and I am sleep deprived; hence, please ignore sentence formations and grammatical errors, if any, on this blog post or whatever I am writing now).

I am ending the review with the disclaimer that only the strong heart females should read it. Shh, someone is watching you even now, while you are reading this.

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Book blurb:
It all starts during her commute home one night. Zoe Walker glances through her local paper and sees her own face staring back at her in a classified ad. With the grainy photo is a phone number and a listing for a website called

In the following days, she sees other women in the same ad, a different one every day, and nearly all of them show up in the newspapers as victims of increasingly violent crimes–including murder.

With the help of a determined cop, Zoe uncovers the ad’s twisted purpose…And suddenly, the man on the train sitting across the car–the one smiling at Zoe–could be more than just a friendly stranger. He could be someone who has deliberately chosen her and is ready to make his next move…

About the author:
Clare Mackintosh is a Sunday Times bestselling author.

Clare spent twelve years in the police force, including time on CID, and as a public order commander. She left the police in 2011 to work as a freelance journalist and social media consultant, and now writes full time.

Clare’s debut novel, I Let You Go, was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller for 12 weeks, and was the fastest selling title by a new crime writer in 2015. It has sold more than a million copies worldwide. In July 2016, Clare received the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year award, and won the Cognac Prix du Polar for International Novel of the Year that autumn.

Clare’s second book, I See You, was published in the UK in July 2016, charting at number 1 in the Sunday Times hardback bestseller list. Clare’s books have been translated into more than 35 languages.

Clare is patron of the Silver Star Society, a charity based at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford which supports parents experiencing high-risk or difficult pregnancies. She lives in North Wales with her husband and their three children.

Twitter: @claremackint0sh

Rating: 9/10
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Book Name: I See You
Author: Clare Mackintosh
Pages: 386
Publication Year: 2017

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