Book Review Policy

My blog reflects my interest which primarily comprises reading books (writing poems is now relegated to a thing of past). And every book that I read is followed by a book review. If you would like me to read and review your book, I will be happy to do so. However, request you to follow below mentioned guidelines when placing your submission.

Submission Guidelines
1. I am open to all genres, but that should be categorized under fiction. Please send me an extract of your book, preferably 2-4 pages of your own choice, basis which I will decide to give a go ahead. The following additional details need to be mentioned and marked to

Your Name, Book Name, Genre, Book Summary, Publisher, Release Date, Number of Pages, Your designation (Author / PR Agency/ Publisher/ Others), a brief about the Author and any other point you would like to mention (e.g. Goodreads link). You need to provide all these details in the body of the mail and only extract of the book in an attachment for quick perusal.

2. You must provide me with a physical/ kindle copy of your book.

3. Your review will be published on Goodreads and my blog (which is connected to my Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ accounts). You can also suggest in case you want the book review to be published somewhere else too.

4. If I review your book, I request that you link back to my review (my blog post) on your author website/ blog. This is for getting a back link.

5. I will give you an honest review, but I will be able to publish a review within 30-60 days of your request.

6. I reserve the right to refuse to review your book for any reason, the most likely reason being my own time restraints.

7. Currently, I am only doing book reviews and not doing any guest posts, author interviews or spotlight posts. However, I am planning to start with these soon.

Thanks for your interest!

For my Readers
While I receive many books for review, I will give you my honest opinion regardless of the source and mention at the end of the book review post if I had received the ARC.

For All,
Have a lovely day/ night!

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