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Rant of a new mom

You realize times have changed when your “best” rather “best-est” friend cannot find time even once a week to connect with and when I say connect, it is as simple as a simple 2 minute call/ email/ message when before both of you were inseparable. Is it what motherhood does? Alienate others that now you are not in their league? Are not that much fun? Because you think all the person now does is talk about the baby? But what if she doesn’t want to? What if she thinks that this is what she is supposed to do for it is the societal norms? What if she wants to take a break even though the baby is super cute and she loves him/ her? What if she wants to know all about you for that is the only avenue she can have with the outside world after being caged for months in a house? What if when she talks about the baby, it is at times to hide behind the fact that she cannot now be so free like you are now? Probably I had behaved the same with others but who remembers the mistakes one do. But unless one becomes a parent, you will not realize. But but but fatherhood can never be the same as motherhood for Indian laws itself discriminates between both of them. Mom is still supposed to look after all necessities of the baby, what with six months of maternity leave and all, but no paternity leave even in some companies.
So all things aside, this is simply the rant of a new mother awake at unearthly hours. And if you know someone such, say a hello today because you never know how much it will mean to her seeing otherwise all the different interactions you have on social media even after knowing the fact that social media paints more of a happy picture but hey, she is not even having that now!
P.S: The character(s) referred to in this article are not at all fictitious. Any resemblance to living or dead is purely intentional.

Nothing to do

Have you ever felt like there is nothing for you to do? Like literally nothing! That you are confined in a room with windows and door shut from outside. With no escape.

You have mobile and Kindle to keep you company, but what good is it? How much time can you engage with these devices? Tell me! There surely comes a point of no return.

So, back to room. It is freezing cold. I mean it is hot and humid outside. But you have kept AC to match your temperament. Exactly the opposite of your temperament. So that no one else other than you can sustain.

And it’s painful. To feel irrelevant. To just pass time with no target in mind. While others are roaming round the world “happy”. The wait is excruciating. Will you come soon?

Books are like Relationships

EtherealJinxed | Books are like Relationships

After a long time, I am writing an article which is not book reviews or poems. It so happened that since many days, I was simply penning down the topics on what to write. And that’s when it struck when I joined the Facebook group – Senior Reading Raccoons that “Books are like relationships” or is it the other way around? If you nurture them, it will grow on you or else it will simply sit in a forgotten corner of your house. Likewise, same person cannot be a good friend or the ideal match for you. All books don’t reach out to everyone, there’s a particular genre, theme, or the way it’s written catering to each segment.

And since someone told me that it’s easy to read any blog/article if it’s in a list format, so here it is, my fellow book readers…

1. Evergreen books are like close relationships. You keep on reading them again and again and even when you don’t read for years, the story still lingers. So many books will fall in this category by the likes of Jane Austen, Khalid Hosseini etc. Close relationships (family, friendships) are similar in nature. Even if you are not in regular contact, but you can still count them any time. E.g. “best” school friends – all of us have at least one in our childhood.

2. Sour books were your favorite ones at one point in time, but now that’s not the genre you ever want to identify with. For me, it’s the silly romantic ones. Eeeuuu! Relationships which were the best when you were courting/dating, but now you don’t even want to think about those since they bring up bad memories. Ok, so this category books are only an individual’s discretion and personal choice. E.g. even so called cheap books sold at railways stations are a hit with people at one point in time!!

3. Bad books are like they are best left in between because you would have found better books and more time to invest in quality content that you prefer. Say, you make a friend and then you find bad traits about him/her, e.g. smoking, too much possessiveness (hey, just for example sake), then it’s better to say goodbye. Not worth more time than you have already wasted.

4. Do not indulge books are which should never have been picked up in the first place. Like the most popular genre, it’s a waste of time, brain power, etc. E.g. Books by the newbie authors these days (written on similar topics and published by one or the other publishing house every day). Hey, I am too planning to write one some day, so does every ardent book reader!. Nothing wrong in that. But the quality of editing should at least be good, right? Grammar Nazis! Same for the relationships. In fact, it would be shameful to admit that you were associated with these people.

5. Good “hello” books are like your favorite ones on-the-go. You read them once in a while and feel happy that you have again read them. E.g. I read Nancy Drew after 15+ years. Similar comparison with your office colleagues who have now changed organisations and are in contact once in a while to simply stay updated.

6. Wishlist books (TBR, to-be-read) are those you want to read desperately but with current commitment, not able to. Mind it, this is a huge list. Future (or not) relationships with the one you started ‘liking’ (love-at-first-sight, yes, there are still people who believe in that), but may become part of your life. You may or may not like them, but these will remain at the back of your mind – in “your dreams”, perhaps!

7. Show-off books are like stickers which you put in your book shelf to impress but never read it. Oh yes, but you do read the book reviews/feedbacks just in case, you know someone inquires. You may ask, why? Because, books are a sign of intellect, so why not! Just kidding. But people do this. Likewise, people hold on to some artificial relationships like that with (only for example’s sake) rich, influential or pretty ones to get some gains.

And the list goes on.

Thanks for reading this long post. In case, you can think of any category, do let me know in the comments below!

Story: Memories

This one is written after hearing many experiences of my friends. Not that after getting married, anyone told me this piece of their life. It’s just an imagination by me to try my hand at writing super short story with an end finally this time.

As Abha sat late night browsing through the internet to get hold of a story, she noticed a pic – the pic of two people sitting in a rickshaw with rain in full swing. It tugged at her heart and reminded her of someone very close. She forgot all about completing her freelancing task at hand, and started finding out all she could about this guy.

There was the time when Abha and Vinay used to hang out together. Oh those were the very best of times. But then things changed for both. Long distance relationships doesn’t always work the way one wants.

Abha searched and searched. She was in a hopeless stance. She couldn’t risk asking anyone around for the fear of blowing up the pretence of so many years among all who knew her secret past. Yet she couldn’t find anything recent. All whatever she could find of him was ages old. Of the times she already knew when they were together.

Can I call him just to hear his voice? Or it would just break her into pieces like how it used to happen always before?

Vinay was already married to the girl she had initially so vehemently objected to. Abha shut down the laptop and then went to feed her daughter Paakhi with a new twist in the tale to tell this time.

Gifts of lies

Warning: This is not a story of Gift of Magi, but of Gift of Lies.

Scenario 1: You chose something for person X of your own will, and then bought it. Would this be classified as gift?
Yes, definitely.

Scenario 2: You chose something for person X of compulsion, but still bought it. Would this be classified as gift?
Yes, still.

Scenario 3: You chose something for person X of your own will, but didn’t buy it. Would this be classified as gift?
Yes, but it depends.

Scenario 4: You chose something for person X of your own will, and didn’t buy it for person X was not ready to let you pay or you didn’t have person X’s address. But point to be noted, X liked it so much as to buy it then and there. Would this be classified as gift?
Yes, still.

So a boy friend let his girl friend select cards for him and then used to pay. This happened more than a few years back, but that was a gift in his own definition. Then why a t shirt selected by a female specially for this guy, would not be considered as a gift from this female.

Another couple story of year 2009:
A guy and a girl always used to hang out together, in mall or more frequently virtually through calls and sharing photos through mobile. Buying things. Showing off. Those were gifts. But why not this?

Or this was yet another lie this guy told to placate his ex gf to not make it (yet again) a hell for him!

SOS. Medicine time. Good night.

Yet another sham – Part 1

Post: EtherealJinxed Sham Marriage | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrant

The story revolves around main 3 characters. I will introduce others as they appear in the scene. This is a love-cum-hate story of Shailesh, Ayesha and Alka.

Version 1

Shailesh told Ayesha of an international trip he was going to with his office colleagues. This was a holiday trip combined with his official trip. He told her each and every single detail of the planned trip missing not a single person except one. But let’s come to that part later.
Shailesh sent Ayesha the facebook profile links of every person for her approval, and she said ok. He came back a week later tired. And his unusual not-able-to-find-time still didn’t make Ayesha suspicious. And then later she found out by herself that Shailesh had missed to mention his-so-called-friend Alka who was also on the same trip. Shailesh knew that Ayesha knows that there is nothing between Alka and him. But still Ayesha filed for divorce.
Whose fault was that? Who dumped whom? Was it all Ayesha’s for she couldn’t find in her to trust him (probably nothing had happened in real)? With the way Shailesh conveyed the analogy to the lawyer that nothing had happened, it seemed Ayesha was set for a long haul ahead.

Version 2

Coming soon …

Happiness is a state of mind

You may all remember the statement made by Rahul Gandhi, “Poverty is a state of mind.”

Poverty is not. But yes, sadness is! Sadness is definitely a state of mind. So is happiness too. So what will you choose for yourself today?

Take for example, any person around you, or yourself for that matter. We find innumerable reasons to be unsatisfied and being morrow even though there are in fact countless simple reasons to be happy about; we just need to open our eyes wide to find those.

Let’s not consider porn or semi-porn or (euphemistically) adult movies for a while. But why do you think cheap PJ (poor joke) movies still work for the masses?

You see people on Facebook clicking selfies, this city one day, the next other day. Beautiful cities. Beautiful places. Lot of people around. Be happy for them. Be happy for yourself that you also know so many people indirectly.

Simply try smiling at stupid stuff people do even when you don’t feel good inside. Your smile may lighten someone’s day and the circular loop of happiness will do the same thing for you one day soon. The 6 degrees of separation* phenomenon.

Let bygones be bygones. And think of past only for happy reasons. Don’t ask why this happened or for that matter why this did not happen. That would never help you in being contented. ‘cause past anyway you cannot change and why to be sad about something you cannot do anything about any more. You can only think about having a better tomorrow.

Mere chhote chhote khwab hain
Khwaabon mei geet hai
Geeton mei zindagi hai

(Translation: I have li’l small wishes; my wishes include songs; and my songs have life of their own)

So sing along the melodies of FM, day and night they play for us. Just sit back and relax. Check out the life of others only once in a while and be happy for all the things you have in your life.

*The theory of 6 degrees of separation states that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

Lies, lies and more lies

When I was in 4th Standard, I had a friend called Sachchi. She was famous for telling lies, even among the teachers. However, since we were kids then, I doubt it mattered much and we friends simply used to laugh after each of her lies and called her Jhoothi.

Now I don’t know where she is and if she still has the same attitude in life. But how many times have we as adults told lies? Some innocent ones for saving ourselves and the ones we love. And some wicked ones to really really hurt others. And some lies just for the fun of it. And in the process, making lying the most important staple food of our day we can’t live without.

Are you one among those serial liars? Have you ever given it a thought how the people who get to know that you had lied previously to a third person will think? And whether they get extra incentive to lie to you for you were the one who were cheating on someone previously too. And since you were lying, the basic premise of them not lying to you does not hold true.

Give it a thought! And try to change yourself for this is a good change.

You cannot change the past, but definitely you can try to make a better tomorrow for yourself and for the people you have in your life.


We all know someone who swears or makes promises at the drop of a hat, for example I swear I did not know this.
Let’s analyze what can be the meaning behind this.

Case 1: The swearing was a lie, a façade to deceive others. Or maybe even a simple try to make oneself believe that the fact being stated is true while each element in the trail was a lie all along, like the old wives’ tales*. The former scenario is incorrigible; let how much will the other person make an effort, there will still remain traces of a lifelong pack of lies. In the second scenario, probably something can be done – through talks, through psychology, making him/her understand that you will only be tangled in it and let others be destroyed in the process. But then second scenario only happens when the person does thing sub-consciously and he/she can be given the benefit of a doubt.

Case 2: The implication of making others believe that the fact being stated during swearing was true and rest all ever said were all fabricated statements. Because some people really do swear truly, because they are swearing by the name of the person they love the most.

So next time, when someone does swear, decide which scenario will keep “you” happy, because thinking of any other person forever does not matter when it makes you sad always. Or convince them to not swear in front of you because then you will be free to make assumptions because what is truth other than a belief/trust in the other person.

*When one says/reads/hears a thing over and over again, one starts believing that to be true, examples being one achieving success after reading books of wisdom which boosts their confidence or of one believing in love when all that was infatuation from the start.

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