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Book Review: Maidless in Mumbai by Payal Kapadia

EtherealJinxed | Book Review | Maidless in Mumbai by Payal Kapadia

Maidless in Mumbai is the perfect read for one struggling to take care of baby or is without a maid or may be more than one (even if minus baby). Payal Kapadia has taken a hilarious take on sleepless nights, howling baby, maids menace, advices overdose from both mom-in-law and mom, unhelpful husband, desperate need to excel in job (workaholic mom) and trying to put everything synchronized. While reading the book, I felt as if this author is the only one who perfectly empathizes with me, no one else understands me better and my struggles. So what if I was at my parents place, the baby sitter was not there and the two days I went to office then, I had to come back home within two hours because the baby missed me and cried, cried and continued crying without any control. But then some days are like that! And most days, ah, when things are fine, I wonder at the bliss and happiness of motherhood. Okay okay, let’s cut my crap short since this is a book review and not my own story post. But let me ask you (female readers) the one question, will you choose husband or maid!?! 😉

So back to the book, all that is managed even in okayish form is still good enough and that is how the story ends. Oh, did I reveal the ending? But what else were you expecting when reading a light book and strictly not a murder mysery/ thriller? So just take hold of this book, sit back (okay no sitting back, if you have a baby or you do not have a maid), just find time in between feeds (because that is what I do) or before you doze off in any random posture (I do this as well during my night time reads, where some nights it is just two lines before I sleep with a kindle in hand and lights switched on).

Keep watching my blog for more and more book reviews. Cheers!

Book blurb:

I am on top of things. I have a seriously stuck baby inside me, and a queue of people between my legs. But I am on top of things. 

Career-driven reporter Anu Narain has a plan for everything till motherhood comes along. The baby poops/ cries/ pisses/ feeds round the clock. Anu loses her mind/ the plot/ the maid. And cabin fever strikes when her mother-in-law and her mother come over to help.

How does Anu become a working mom when her husband is happy playing the shirking dad? And when her house is a railway station where every maid is a passing train? Will Anu use wile and guile to make the maids stay and The Moms leave? Or will she succumb to that strange Indian malaise called maidomania?

Hysterically funny, unapologetically honest, and charming all the way, this is the diary of a maidless Mumbai mom who dreams of only one thing-the perfect maid to live happily forever with.

About the author:

Payal Kapadia’s Wisha Wozzariter won the Crossword Book Award 2013 for Best Children’s Book and is also on the “101 Indian Children’s Books We Love!” list. She is also the author of Colonel Hathi Loses His Brigade and Puffin Lives: B.R. Ambedkar.

Payal started her career as a journalist with Outlook Magazine in Mumbai and The Japan Times in Tokyo, after receiving a Master’s degree from Northwestern University, Chicago. But writing books was a childhood dream, and one day, it was not enough to dream of writing any more. With Wisha Wozzariter, the story of a 10-year old girl who wishes she was a writer, Payal stopped wishing and started writing.

Payal’s newest book Horrid High is a perfectly horrid adventure in the world’s most horrid school. In the pipeline is the second part of Horrid High and a book about two unlikely princesses, a must-have for every girl everywhere.

Twitter: @payalrkapadia
Rating: 8/10
Genre:Chick Lit
Book Name:Maidless in Mumbai
Author:Payal Kapadia
Publication Year:2017
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