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An open letter by an ex love

Dear Love,
It would have been so easy to go back to the ordinary route of things. It would have been so easy, especially for me to fall much more in love with you than I already am since I never really fell out of it. But you know every time that has happened, you have hurt me more than the last time. And even though your 1-line mail made me smile, it actually made me more sad. And I wish from the bottom of my heart (oh don’t worry, nothing “ill” this time) that you don’t miss me anymore.

You should be happy with the path that you had chosen of your own volition, the path that includes your favourite people – family and friends both. Of course, I was never a part of that, the dark secret that I was and had to be hidden and discarded whenever you or your so called friend chose to. 

But do you know I still worship you? And I still abuse you, but those have reduced with time. It’s just an ache which I hope will reduce with time, and which I really hope you will never have to go through. But yes, I was and will remain your good (mostly bad) stalker. Funny, huh?

Wishing you the best, I don’t know myself if it’s true or just a thing in my make-believe world. But seriously, I have started praying since recently that you forget me altogether. I know it will be good for you for the unrequited love it turned out to be.

  • Your ex.


For such as you and I
Anyone we can imagine
We can be anything in reality
And not in pretense

For such as you and I
Any existence we can support
If only we imagined the same
At the same time

For such as you and I
Why can we not be free
And not be so small
And not so constrained either

For such as you and I
That I do not know
What we will become
And I fear I cannot guess!

One Day

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: One Day | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrant

I am not crying because you are leaving me for one day
I am crying because you will leave me one day

Irritatingly Repetitive

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Irritatingly Repetitive | Image Courtesy: @surrealaberrantHave you been in a loop
Like a mad person in a soup

Refreshing the same thing again
In the hopes of getting a single mail

Failed attempts on holding the one
Who was never yours and that’s the pun

So have you been stuck in a loop
Where dreams are better than reality, you fool

Queuing up the moments to watch it again
With the hope of reliving it in vain

Hundred and a thousand calls,
But those were never yours to dial and shove

Yes, I have been in a loop
Stuck in a time-warp waiting for you like an old boot

Thank you

Thank you so much
The time I needed you
You couldn’t be found
You were busy in your own tinsy happy little town

Baby, the same holds true for you
You were doing the same thing too
Right or wrong, who the fuck cares
For you were there in your own chosen world, my fair

Thank you so much
I finally got us right
We were just two parallel lines
Destined to meet, but yes, till infinite times

Bas ek Khwaab

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Bas Ek Khwaab | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantAaj main hoon betaab,
khoye khoye hain yeh khwaab.
Aawaaz ek bulaaye,
khwaabon main kho jaaye.
Teri hasi, tera mazaak,
ban ke reh gaya…
… bas ek khwaab!

Aasmaan mein bhi yeh rang,
badal se kyun gaye hain?
Din-b-din jo guzre,
baat bhi na ho paaye.
Teri hasi, tera mazaak,
ban ke reh gaya…
… bas ek khwaab!

Taare ginti hoon main,
ki tujhe bhool jaaoon.
Per taaron mein bhi tu hai,
har ek khwaab mein tu hai.

Jab bhi tu muskuraaye,
mera din ban jaaye.
Jab bhi main sochti hoon,
soch ke hi doobti hoon.
Teri hasi, tera mazaak,
ban ke reh gaya…
… Bas Ek Khwaab!


Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Stuck | Image Courtesy: Alok Gunjan
Can I take a break today
I am tired of the acts night and day

Can we discuss things
Like we used to have a fling

Can we talk as a we
And not as you and me

Baby, I had tried my best
To give everything a rest

Never wanting to let you go
I still did all to push you, my old jo

You were as close as skin can be
You were the breath holding me

How can I be so selfish
To pin you up on my cloth string

Hanging out to dry
Like my sliver of hope, however thin it might

Still, can we take a big break today
Can we have things going
Like we were used to wooing


Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Mirage | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantFar in the distance
Among the sea of unknown faces
Was a guy coming towards me
With a wide smile on his face

Staring into his face
I had to stop myself
I was falling in love
With him yet again

That deep dimpled smile
And I was already his to take
The best combo we were
I again felt

Wanting to score bonus points
I averted my gaze
For I had to have my sanity
‘Cos he was for just a few lays

Fading colors of our pic
The tearing in three corners
Pulled me back
As yet another year flew past

Off the Shelf

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantYour hello was my sin
Life just tricked me thin
The miseries grew off the shelf
With the time passing all by itself

I want to be a simple girl
With her prince at her side
Prince charming to hold her hand
And walk the million miles beside

Of the sort of attention I got then
I felt to be in a whirlwind fix
Am I performing a roadshow
Or walking on the ramp giddy?

No one asks me what I want
They tell me this time it’s different
But every fall they leave me
After promises and their vows

Craving for a simple straight life
Your hello became my sin
But why I am the one to pay
With every single fling!!



Note: One of the few times I want to actually write for someone else. This one is dedicated to my friend.


Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantI
Rain drums my window
Tiny heartbeats marching
As I linger inside waking
My sleep slowly departing

Opening my eyes slowly
I peeped into darkness
Hearing the heartbeats frantic
I touched his face by my side

Absorbing the comfort
Of the warmth he provides
I watch the morning light
Trying to fight its way inside

Caressing the skin
Was the early morning breeze
And pulling me closer
He hugged me tight

Cotton sheets beneath us
He opened his eyes and smiled
And suddenly I knew our destiny
Was preparing us for the miles

Rain drummed my window
Tiny heartbeats marching
As I lingered inside waking
My sleep was slowly departing

Opening my eyes slowly
I peeped into darkness
And a shimmer of his image
Was all that was left

Absorbing the eeriness
Of the sound that was just there
I wrapped my arms around
Trying to fight the urge to cry

Chilling the skin
Was the early morning breeze
And I woke up
For it was yet another of my dreams


P.S: My first duet poem with a girl I found online. It was a great pleasure working with her.
Check this same duet at Hasty’s blog here. She has her own separate section of Duet Partners. Her blog is

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