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For such as you and I
Anyone we can imagine
We can be anything in reality
And not in pretense

For such as you and I
Any existence we can support
If only we imagined the same
At the same time

For such as you and I
Why can we not be free
And not be so small
And not so constrained either

For such as you and I
That I do not know
What we will become
And I fear I cannot guess!

So many words…

EtherealJinxed Poem So Many Words

So many words to say
So many others amiss

Once they had filled diaries
Now unsent mails, often deleted

So many things to do
So many ways to start anew

Once everything clicked
Now every single time you were missed

So many cards to print
So many gifts to exchange every day

Once you would have died for me
Now every single time you wished me gone

So many hints I missed
So many friends you made to cherish your dreams

Once nothing could have been more happier
Now everything is dull and still…

Gone Girl

Oh how I sometimes miss
The beach story and the kiss
Of rainbows and waves over the rocks
Making them mellow to their shouts

I often miss those times
When I really saw you for the first time
The way your sensitive touch was all over me
Making me melt in your arms

Oh how I really miss
When you called me your best friend
And then blamed me for everything
Of finding excuses for every single actioning

I watched you change and grow old
With the woman of your dreams in your home
And all your friends cheering you
On your golden wedding anniversary

Who said I miss anything now
It’s my dreams gone awry
For I know you always find a new one
To keep you company!


​Stop it
Please don’t do it again
It hurts every single time you cheat!
I am the rain drop that you let go
To fall from such great height into the dirty stinky po
I was the pop tart you left your ex for
And I am the one who you left for your wife.
Sitting in an empty room, facing the walls
I sob with hurt at your indifferent stance.
I am who sang a romantic song
When my mind wanted to hate you more.
Why o why
I am the one always left behind?
Why o why
I am hoodwinked all the time?

One Day

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: One Day | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrant

I am not crying because you are leaving me for one day
I am crying because you will leave me one day


Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Free | Image Courtesy: Brototy Mishra

Everything will feel right
Every other thing will become good
There will be a twist in tale
And you will be happy soon

You were just too tough on yourself
You didn’t let someone close
What was your mistake
That you loved her like a fool

Don’t worry, the clouds will shine
The rains will finally be over
The rainbow in the midst will be
The harbinger of things to come!

Someone will come
Someone will hold your hand
Someone will wipe that sarcasm off your lips
And that someone will become your sunshine indeed

There will be a picture of you two
Walking the altar
And hey, you will finally agree with me
Not all females are blood sucking bitches!

Irritatingly Repetitive

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Irritatingly Repetitive | Image Courtesy: @surrealaberrantHave you been in a loop
Like a mad person in a soup

Refreshing the same thing again
In the hopes of getting a single mail

Failed attempts on holding the one
Who was never yours and that’s the pun

So have you been stuck in a loop
Where dreams are better than reality, you fool

Queuing up the moments to watch it again
With the hope of reliving it in vain

Hundred and a thousand calls,
But those were never yours to dial and shove

Yes, I have been in a loop
Stuck in a time-warp waiting for you like an old boot

Cheers and jeers

Of the times that never came
For all the fights we ever had
Let’s drink to that, baby
Whisper a tune to the unknown aplenty

With shine and spine
That was needed of me every time
Let’s drink more
For I am going to be in this shitty hole

No, let’s do cheers and drink for you this time
You ditched me again like every single time
Every time a new girl
For you are yet to find your matching skirt!

Thank you

Thank you so much
The time I needed you
You couldn’t be found
You were busy in your own tinsy happy little town

Baby, the same holds true for you
You were doing the same thing too
Right or wrong, who the fuck cares
For you were there in your own chosen world, my fair

Thank you so much
I finally got us right
We were just two parallel lines
Destined to meet, but yes, till infinite times

Good Evening

Hey you mister
Who are you going with
It’s not that late in the evening still

You haven’t done this and done that
You have missed out on my poem
So bad!

Baby, it’s my cousin
A guy at that, young at heart
You would have liked him as well, my sweetheart

He wants to know if you have a cousin
He could have dated
Fun times more, like on our wedding day

Oh so you are around your cousin
And still saying all that
Fine, give me a kiss and I will give you a crack



Cousins sharing banter
They teasing you, but me more
Oh right down to the core

How I wish of you and me
And of all the people around us!

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