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Too Late

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Too Late | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantSpoke the girl
With clarity and from her heart
You will never get
What you stole from me

You made him lie to me
And he will lie all through your life
You will keep him always dissatisfied

You can’t act naive anymore
I have seen you through and through
That’s what you will come to know
One day just too soon

But you will realize it too late
Oh, this one will be for good
And no one to fool
Only to shoot


Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Mirage | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantFar in the distance
Among the sea of unknown faces
Was a guy coming towards me
With a wide smile on his face

Staring into his face
I had to stop myself
I was falling in love
With him yet again

That deep dimpled smile
And I was already his to take
The best combo we were
I again felt

Wanting to score bonus points
I averted my gaze
For I had to have my sanity
‘Cos he was for just a few lays

Fading colors of our pic
The tearing in three corners
Pulled me back
As yet another year flew past

Living Art

Living ArtI can enliven your life
I can make you smile

Or I can simply kink up your time
I can be the one you need feisty kind

I will be with you till the time you want me truly
I can be gone in a strong frizzy for it makes me dizzy

I can keep you fresh the way you want me
Or bite you if you think to hurt me

You can keep me for ages for yourself
Cut the vines myself that hurt you red

I can be forgetful, I can be apologetic
But don’t consider every time it will happen secretly

I crossed the miles for you
And I can bring the same between us two

For I will love you eternally if you let me
Even when all you did is lying to me

Alas, my wish was to be a showpiece on your stand
For I was a mere rose with thorns disdained!

Off the Shelf

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantYour hello was my sin
Life just tricked me thin
The miseries grew off the shelf
With the time passing all by itself

I want to be a simple girl
With her prince at her side
Prince charming to hold her hand
And walk the million miles beside

Of the sort of attention I got then
I felt to be in a whirlwind fix
Am I performing a roadshow
Or walking on the ramp giddy?

No one asks me what I want
They tell me this time it’s different
But every fall they leave me
After promises and their vows

Craving for a simple straight life
Your hello became my sin
But why I am the one to pay
With every single fling!!



Note: One of the few times I want to actually write for someone else. This one is dedicated to my friend.


Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantHe could see his fingers turning cold
Nails turning blue as he tied wire around
Pain from the cut subsided
When blood stopped passing through his veins

His friends commented he has flipped
His character had jumped over the cliff
Everything then just turned serene
Everyone else stopped to matter

He saw his fingers turning cold
And nails turned blue
Pain from the cut exacerbated more
When blood oozed out through his veins

Ears ringing, he clutched the bedpost
Pushed rest of his things off the window
He slowly untied the wire
And found his hands paralyzed by the side
For the rest of his life.

Note: People do things with no second thoughts for repercussions, but what if there were no after-effects. How good the feeling would be then – to fly high up in the air to every destination and then fall back relaxed.

Verbal Tics

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantBloody times off cloud number nine
Love is fine till all is in line

Shop and drain yourself again and again
Cry and blab la till you are insane

Save yourself off the time ticking
Clap your hands for that’s all is left

You are just uselessssssssss

Bloody all bloody off just the high fi time
Life is slipping oh merry o dine

Niceties and high tea a thing of the past
Now slap yourself off the oblivion part

Dance and sing for this is the last of being mean
Remember, you can never be onto anyone specific

You are just uselessssssssss

Spark off the stick now lights a match
It circles now into a black o patch

Medicines stupid are all the same
When you pop them all, you crackle a game

Flame and death match into one
And you were just lost like the previous ones

I am just uselessssssssss

Once upon a time

Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantBaby, you don’t know what I am going through
How hard I am trying to hold on to you
Those difficult times still strike me mad
And I close my eyes, lift my hand and clasp your hand tight

Imagination is getting bigger, the reality blurring
And I think how it is that things changed so quick
I still love you the same insanely
But why do I feel so confused intimately

There was never a moment I thought ill of you
Then why did I hid things from you
It still feels all so chaotic in my head
May be I thought redemption the only way out

And that reminded me
Of why I started writing in the first place
For I had to simply talk
Of the love that was once upon a time



Note: People ask me how I write such, what it was that inspired me to write it. There’s a lot of regret and secrets that I hide hinting at various aspects of a lover, who is consumed by his/her regret and worries whether the person he/she longed for or loved wouldn’t be loved in the same way again because of the guilt and the dire need of salvation. And I reply back, “what could I say, it’s just my vivid imagination on hearing the tales of the close few ones I have.”

Antique Antics

Antique anticsSit straight, cross legged
Breathe in and out, slowly
Think one thing at a time
Even when you are bombarded with thoughts from all side.

One two three, relax.

I saw you calling me and talking to me
Shhh shhh, that wasn’t real
You were sorry for having troubled me this week
Shhh shhh, breathe in and out
Focus, that was not true either.

Four five six, relax.

Lies, lies and more lies you hid behind so called facade of truth
Sleep seems better, fantasy world more soothing
But where is this sleep?
That too you stole from me.

Seven eight nine, relax.

What is love?
I wasn’t ever true, but neither were you
Great equalizer, you showed me mirror
And I saw the distorted image of me myself.

Ten eleven twelve, relax.

Nothing is helping
Images more distorted than ever
And I am stuck behind mirror
Nothing is helping any more.

Thirteen fourteen fifteen, relax.

Our songs are a pain
Your songs a pain in the ass
What I wanted, whatever was left
You were happy in destroying each one left right and left.

Sixteen seventeen eighteen, relax.

How to relax?
Breathing is labored.
No sorry not help out any more
But I still stress over you.

Nineteen twenty.
Shhh. Cut the crap. Enough!



Note: The above writing reminds me of George Bernard Shaw who said it best when upon sending a letter to a close friend, he wrote, “I’m sorry this letter is so long, I didn’t have time to make it shorter.”

Time to tell

Time to tellThere was a thing going on in her head
That she couldn’t simply frame
Her life that was she could see seeping away
Every moment it felt more insane

Slushing and slogging all was there
Just that she couldn’t fit in her tiny-weeny brain
Her love that was she could see slipping away
Every second it more inflamed

She burnt deep down
She waited for it every night
Imagined in her waking dreams
She saw herself in the mirror
She was becoming like a mist

She lay awake
Still waiting on him, red-eyed
She saw everything like a crystal clear screen
Knew he was the one she needed to be
She couldn’t take the plunge, still

Partying and boozing all was there
That was the meaning of her being
Her sketch that was in front
Every instant it more befuddled

There was a thing going on in her head
That she couldn’t simply frame
Her love was just distancing away
Everything becoming a big charade

In a jiffy, all vanished
He woke from a dream
And was left staring
Into the whites of her eyes

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