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So many words…

EtherealJinxed Poem So Many Words

So many words to say
So many others amiss

Once they had filled diaries
Now unsent mails, often deleted

So many things to do
So many ways to start anew

Once everything clicked
Now every single time you were missed

So many cards to print
So many gifts to exchange every day

Once you would have died for me
Now every single time you wished me gone

So many hints I missed
So many friends you made to cherish your dreams

Once nothing could have been more happier
Now everything is dull and still…


Gone Girl

Oh how I sometimes miss
The beach story and the kiss
Of rainbows and waves over the rocks
Making them mellow to their shouts

I often miss those times
When I really saw you for the first time
The way your sensitive touch was all over me
Making me melt in your arms

Oh how I really miss
When you called me your best friend
And then blamed me for everything
Of finding excuses for every single actioning

I watched you change and grow old
With the woman of your dreams in your home
And all your friends cheering you
On your golden wedding anniversary

Who said I miss anything now
It’s my dreams gone awry
For I know you always find a new one
To keep you company!

Story: Memories

This one is written after hearing many experiences of my friends. Not that after getting married, anyone told me this piece of their life. It’s just an imagination by me to try my hand at writing super short story with an end finally this time.

As Abha sat late night browsing through the internet to get hold of a story, she noticed a pic – the pic of two people sitting in a rickshaw with rain in full swing. It tugged at her heart and reminded her of someone very close. She forgot all about completing her freelancing task at hand, and started finding out all she could about this guy.

There was the time when Abha and Vinay used to hang out together. Oh those were the very best of times. But then things changed for both. Long distance relationships doesn’t always work the way one wants.

Abha searched and searched. She was in a hopeless stance. She couldn’t risk asking anyone around for the fear of blowing up the pretence of so many years among all who knew her secret past. Yet she couldn’t find anything recent. All whatever she could find of him was ages old. Of the times she already knew when they were together.

Can I call him just to hear his voice? Or it would just break her into pieces like how it used to happen always before?

Vinay was already married to the girl she had initially so vehemently objected to. Abha shut down the laptop and then went to feed her daughter Paakhi with a new twist in the tale to tell this time.

Irritatingly Repetitive

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Irritatingly Repetitive | Image Courtesy: @surrealaberrantHave you been in a loop
Like a mad person in a soup

Refreshing the same thing again
In the hopes of getting a single mail

Failed attempts on holding the one
Who was never yours and that’s the pun

So have you been stuck in a loop
Where dreams are better than reality, you fool

Queuing up the moments to watch it again
With the hope of reliving it in vain

Hundred and a thousand calls,
But those were never yours to dial and shove

Yes, I have been in a loop
Stuck in a time-warp waiting for you like an old boot

Too Late

Post: EtherealJinxed | Poem: Too Late | Image Courtesy: SurrealAberrantSpoke the girl
With clarity and from her heart
You will never get
What you stole from me

You made him lie to me
And he will lie all through your life
You will keep him always dissatisfied

You can’t act naive anymore
I have seen you through and through
That’s what you will come to know
One day just too soon

But you will realize it too late
Oh, this one will be for good
And no one to fool
Only to shoot

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