Book Review: I was a Bitch by Emily Ruben

EtherealJinxed | Book Review | I was a Bitch by Emily Reuben

Genre: YA
Book Name: I was a Bitch
Author: Emily Ruben
Pages: 508
Publication Year: 2016
Notable: Winner of the Grand Novel Contest at Inkitt

Love Young Adult (YA) genre? Or, have too much free time at hand? Or, got bored with reading making-sense books and just want to dip into totally non-serious chick lit genre of books? Well, here is the one for you!

I was a Bitch, written by Emily Ruben, has all the recipe of what teenagers feel like, to expand any seemingly innocuous thing into drama and movie like panorama. Here, the main protagonist loses two years of her memory. Will she get it back? Or the story will be like the K-series drama that unfolds on melodramatic Indian television?

The book is very very easy to read, which one can read, sleep, wake up, and the story will still be pacing around at almost the same slow pace. But this book finds its innocence in its characters, and the seemingly fluttering romance where monkeys jump. Slangs are kept at the minimal, however the book trying to explain a lot of stuff (with a sense that it went through censorship) was quite exhausting.

Ok as a one time go. And again, repeating, read my first para to understand who does this book really cater to!

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:
What if you forgot the last two years of your life?

After a horrific accident Lacey Jones wakes up from a two month long coma only to realize she’s lost all memory of the last two years. In that time, she turned from a wallflower into the Queen Bee of her high school: Gorgeous, popular, girlfriend of the hottest jock, wanted by every guy, and feared by every girl.

She became The Bitch, but has no memory of it.

Together with the mysterious and attractive Finn, she starts to put together the pieces of the puzzle that was her life.
Will she go back to being a bitch or will she turn her life around?

About the author:
Emily Ruben, a 20-year old French writer, have been writing since she could hold a pen. She loves to write the stories people wouldn’t automatically expect, with twisted plots or unhappily ever afters. As of right now, she is a student at the Panthéon Sorbonne University, a music lover and an avid eater of sweets.

Twitter: @emiisotherside

Rating: 6/10

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